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Mata Ranjit Kaur Ji

 Sant Waryam Singh Ji was persuaded by Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj to adopt family life discharging the legitimate duties of a householder, trying to practice true religion in the midst of society without renouncing it. In Mata Ranjit Kaur (1918-2013) Baba Waryam Singh ji got a true saint-consort who always stood by him through thick and thin, guiding him in dark and difficult hours of life. Wherever Babaji went, right from the Sind days to U.P. and back to Chandigarh, she was always a pillar of strength to him in his task of preaching the true message of Sikh Gurus. Both in U.P. and later in Chandigarh area she always guided and got seated congregation (sangat) in two groups - men and women, telling them how to deposit shoes, how to sit silently and listen attentively and how to sing the canticles or refrains one after the other by turn. 

She always breathed discipline and calmness into the panicked-looking congregations at a new place on the first day by instructing through the mike or even directly descending into their midst to guide and direct them.

In her after-discourse simple speeches, she exhorted the congregation especially village womenfolk to renounce weakish faith in serpent gods, trees, burial places, imaginary goddesses and the like and to embrace the true teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. As her words came direct from her heart impregnated with the energy of God's Name, they had an immediate and lasting impact on the minds of the listeners. She looked after all the needs of His Holiness at home and always travelled with him sometimes very very long distances to and from the places of discourse in far-flung villages. Loud and clear was her message - "Immediately quit them..." to menfolk who were given to habitual boozing, gum-chewing, smoking and other intoxicants. She always spoke about the harmful effects of these on the users and on the family.

She was the daughter of Sant Hira Singh Daudpuri, who was a very close associate of Bhai Randhir Singh - a freedom fighter saint of Punjab and founder head of Akhand Kirtani Jatha. Baba Hira Singh Ji had predicted the birth of a daughter (Mata Ji) in his house and that of a boy (Baba Waryam Singh Ji) in the home of Jathedar Kartar Singh Ji of village Dhamot and their conjugal union in advance even before they were born. With her lifelong service of society & meditation on the Name of God, she became a source of inspiration for the coming generations.
After the departure of Babaji from the world in October, 2001, she continued to give guidelines for the work of the Mission and the Trust. She breathed her last on 01/11/2013 aged 95. Yet her invisible presence like that of mother is palpable in the sense that she departed from this world leaving the Mission into a homogeneous family, under the guidance of Sant Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji