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Hidden from the material eyes of the world, yet crystal clear to the realised souls, under an irresistible divine inspiration, His Holiness Baba Waryam Singh Ji Maharaj returned to Chandigarh in 1978 from Uttar Pradesh where he had migrated in perfect obedience to the order of His Holiness Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj of Rara Sahib  - his spiritual mentor. Using his house first in sector 34, Chandigarh and in the phase III B 1 Mohali as headquarters, he vigorously engaged himself in preaching the pristine message of Sikhism in the villages situated around the capital; till 1986 when he was decisively and finally persuaded by some devout disciples of his to establish a central place for the dissemination of the teachings of Sikhism in a more organized way. As a result Ratwara Sahib was established in 1986, being named Gurudwara Isher Parkash Ratwara Sahib to commemorate the benign influence and connection of His Holiness Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj of Rara Sahib. It is almost equidistant from three villages - Ratwara (which rhymes with Rara Sahib and gives it, its name), Paintpur and Chahar Majra. It lies on a road branching out westwards from an extension of Madhya Marg, Chandigarh towards the north before it enters Mullanpur and immediately after crossing the bridge of Jyanti Devi Ki Rao, a seasonal rivulet flowing down from the Shivalik Hills towards Mullanpur. A ceremonial gate (Sant Isher Singh Gate) on the left and a Gurudwara on the right of this extension of Madhya Marg  mark the link road on which at a distance about 2 km an imposing Darshani Deorhi - a newly constructed Magnificent Entry on the left side of the road declares Gurudwara Ishar Parkash along with a complex of other buildings which house a number of institutes like schools, training centre, old age home, B.Ed college and hospital. The construction work/ restructuring with a view to meeting new needs continues unabated at required places as usual. The Gurudwara - a divine beauty in marble which is a bit older completed in 1999 and the new all metal hall (2014) tell their own stories when a visitor watches them for himself in wonder.

From 1986 onwards when the construction work commenced all along Babaji had been openly admitting that he was doing nothing on his own initiative that he was being made to do all this by some Supreme Invisible Power.

That there is a divine hand in the appearance of Ratwara Sahib is clear when we get to know that saints like Baba Ajit Singh Ji of (Village) Nathalpur and Baba Kartar Singh ji of (Village) Bhaironmajra had predicted years in advance the construction of a magnificient Gurudwara at the site which was a wild barren desert overgrown with thick reeds and cattails along the bank of Jyanti Devi Ki Rao, the rivulet referred to above. Few, if any, would have heeded their prediction at the time it was made. Some devout followers of sikhism were secretly inspired by God to donate land for this sacred centre to be constructed. The full address is:

Gurudwara Isher Parkash, Ratwara Sahib
(Near Chandigarh) P.O. Mullanpur Garibdas
Distt. S A S Nagar (Mohali) 140901 Punjab.